Weymouth, My Kind of Town

When we arrived in the old-fashioned seaside town of Weymouth, the skies were gray and I was having trouble breathing. By the next morning the sun was shinning, and I felt great. We walked along the promenade enjoying views of the sea and the people who sat on the beach looking out at a tall ship unfurling its square sails. Dwarfed by its presence were a group of small sailboats, their triangular blue sails rounding their mark. This was my kind of town.

On the beach there were also donkey rides; a Punch & Judy show; an old fashioned merry-go-round; and ice cream and candy floss vendors selling their confections from red, green, and yellow stripped canvas venues. Once past the beach, there was a proper harbor, and a ferry terminal with routes to St. Malo, Brittany, and the British Isles of Jersey and Guernsey; and moored within the harbor there were lots of lovely sailboats to uh and ah over.

We found everything we needed in close walking distance of our hotel (Hotel Rex), which was located across the street from the promenade—a post office for stamps; a Tesco for apples, grapes, and biscuits; and a Boots for a magnifying mirror. We also found a great seafood restaurant, Mallams, where we met a lovely couple who owned one of the sail boats I had been coveting.

It happened by accident. After enjoying a delicious fish dinner and while waiting for coffee and dessert, my sister asked me to airdrop some photographs to her iPhone. In the dimly lit room, I accidentally sent them to Tony instead of to Roberta. As there was a man sitting at the table right next to us with an iPhone in his hand, I asked him if he was Tony. Surprised, he said that he was, and I explained what had happened. He and his wife Miriam, had a good laugh, and we spent the rest of the evening talking with them. It turned out they were celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary and had sailed on their 35-foot sailboat from Portsmouth to Weymouth to have dinner at their favorite restaurant. It was a perfect evening, in a special seaside town I would gladly return to for a longer stay.

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