Straying from the Itinerary in Dorset

My sister and I are planners. At the same time we don’t mind making adjustments to the itinerary when needed, and I for one needed spontaneity after a week of following a plan.

Therefore, after seeing Max Gate it was fun to scrap our plan of visiting the Teddy Bear Museum and head into Dorchester without any set destination. In search of lunch we happened upon the Dorchester Market and wandered around the open and covered stalls admiring the plants and produce for sale, and getting a laugh at the boxes of Clotted Cream Shortbread, which were packaged for every occasion—including a thank you for Cat sitting. We also enjoyed the signs outside a pharmacy that summed up the weather we had experienced since arriving in England—but then without all the rain there wouldn’t be all of those lovely green rolling hills and gardens to enjoy.

We ended up eating at Café Paninis, where we had a tasty lunch and met the owner, who was very personable and enthusiastic about the food she cooks and customers she serves. She was one of those rare people who has the perfect job for their personality and interests—I only wish I could remember her name. A stroll along the High Street window-shopping completed our visit to charming, historic Dorchester, which dates back to pre-Roman times—and has been noted for its production of ale since the 1600s. Too bad we aren’t ale drinkers!!!


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