Dramatic Glacier National Park

We arrived at our third national park and were excited it felt completely different than Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, which each have their own distinct ambiance. Here forested mountains dramatically drop to the shores of vividly blue McDonald Lake; billowing white clouds cast dark shadows over the green landscape; Trail of the Cedars cuts through a forest of five hundred year old red cedars shooting up one hundred feet; crossing Avalanche Creek provides commanding views of the lower Avalanche Gorge; and McDonald creek rushes like a river towards Mc Donald Lake. It was all breathtaking, all dramatic!

We did a few short hikes, took a boat tour of McDonald Lake, and a Red Bus Tour of the Western Alpine area. Although, I am not a fan of tours we felt taking the Red Bus helped to reduce our carbon footprint in the park. Unfortunately the famed Going-to-the-Sun Road, which traverses the mountain to the high alpine region of the park, is closed due to the volume of snow still covering the road. We were only able to see a small part of a glacier as it peaked above the forest. But we understand nature is not concerned with our itinerary or Tom’s bucket list. Tomorrow we will head up to Many Glacier area to see more dramatic scenery. Today was great!

(This photo was taken by Tom who has been having as much fun using my old Cannon Camera, as I have been using Don’s Fuji X30 camera. Of corse having such spectacular scenery to photograph is adding to our enjoyment!)

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    • Thank you! Yes, the weather has been great. The only day it was uncomfortably hot was when we had a one night stop in Butte, Montana. Fortunately we left first thing in the morning.

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