More of Dramatic Glacier Park

Today off we drove to the east entrance of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park driving on narrow roads that provided dramatic views of broad U-shaped valleys, sharp peaks, and lake filled basins produced by massive ancient glaciers grinding over the bedrock. Not since driving through the Pyrenese Mountains from Southern France to Northen Spain have I been inspired to stop the car, jump out, and scream with amazement.
In the Pyrenese I did stop; I did scream. We were the only ones on the road. However, on our way to Many Glacier Road I could not stop as there were few turnouts, lots of road construction, and traffic! Drivers here race along narrow one lane mountain roads at 70 MPH; if I had stopped I might have insighted road rage and due to the fact Montana residents are allowed to walk and drive around openly packing guns I restricted my wonder and amazement to controlled “oohs and ahs” expressed within the confinement of our car. Or who knows I could have come acrossed a crazed car kicking Californian motorcyclist. It was better to leave the drama where it belong, in the incredible glacier sculpted scenery. 

Tom and I took a short hike, my hike being shorter than his, so he let me post these photographs he took at Red Rock Falls.

We have had a great time touring the US National Parks and look forward to visiting Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada! 

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