Nelson, British Columbia

Driving from Banff, Alberta, to Nelson, British Columbia, took us on steep, narrow, mountain roads with great views of forests, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. However, taking photographs while on the road was not safe, as we were sharing the one lane highway with 88,000 pound lumber hauling trucks. Then to our surprise the highway ended at Shelter Bay.

However, this wasn’t a problem as there was a free ferry crossing Upper Arrow Lake (the widening of the Columbia River), which took us to Galena Bay where the highway continued. It was a nice break from driving, plus fun to be on the water with beautiful views of the Selkirk Mountains to the east and the Monashee Mountains to the west. We arrived at our hotel, the Prestige Lakeside Resort in Nelson, where our room had great views of Kootenay Lake, as well as the Selkirk Mountains. But the best view of all was seeing Don and Shiela (my brother and sister-in-law) sitting on the patio of our hotel restaurant. Shiela used to live in Nelson, and she and Don have friends who live there; therefore, it was chosen as our meeting point where they could see friends, have some R & R, and help celebrate my birthday.

And my birthday was great fun! I received lovely phone calls, emails, text messages, and a birthday card from my sister. In the morning while Tom played golf, my brother Don took me to Cottonwood Falls for a lesson in long exposure photography, which I could not shoot as I did not have the necessary lenses. Here are the long exposures Don took.  I love how the fluidity and motion of the water is captured by this technique, which requires a lot more technical skills than I have. But it was fun to watch Don create his art, and I did learn a few things.

After our photo shoot we met Shiela in town, visited some nice shops, met up with Tom for a delicious lunch at a Thai Restaurant, and ended the day with my birthday dinner, which included great company, delicious food, fun presents, and a candle to blow out. It was one of the best birthdays I have had thanks to my family and friends, which is why I am still smiling!

On our last day in Nelson Tom and I wandered around town purchasing gifts for our granddaughters and enjoying the eclectic mix of architecture, the diverse shops, the farmer’s market, as well as an interesting mannequin from Las Vegas Tom encountered while walking down an alley. My favorite shop sold jewelry (see the fun earrings Don & Shiela gave me, which I am wearing), scarves, ceramics, and many different types of art made by local artisans; and in the shop next door is where I saw this shelving unit made with plumbing supplies and wood. (Ashlynne, Shiela thought you might be interested, as I told her you needed furniture for your dorm room and this was easy to make, functional, and fun!) I spent a little bit of time learning how Don unobtrusively takes street photographs, another photo technique I was not able to master, at least not yet!

Our last evening in Nelson Don and Shiela treated us to a picnic dinner at Lakeside Park, where we enjoyed a smorgasbord of treats from the farmer’s market and local food purveyors. It was the perfect end to a great visit, which for me always goes by too quickly. Thank you Don and Shiela, we had a wonderful time!

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