The Last Stop

We have had an amazing vacation and are ending it with a short stay with my sister Roberta, her daughter Corie, and granddaughter Amelia. My sister welcomed us with a lovely lunch,  which included a tasty peach and blueberry crisp with home made vanilla ice cream, and candles to celebrate my birthday. Amelia gave me a lovely fan decorated with pictures of the two of us that she made at day care, which she wrapped inside of a box that was inside of a box that was inside of a box. How special is that!!

The celebrating continued as it was actually the anniversary of the birth of the United States of America. Muffy and Hoppy had been dressed for the occasion, and we walked down the street to watch the fireworks display at the Civic Center Lake completing our perfect day.

On our last day of vacation we took on the honored role of Auntie Robin and Uncle Tom, as Amelia shared her day with us playing in the park, going to the movies, and giving us insight into the fascinating world of an articulate, intelligent, and curious five year old who we think is really special!

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