A good start!

It is exciting to write the first couple of paragraphs of a novel and to look forward to writing the rest because I want to see where it will take me. Hopefully readers will have the same experience when they read it.
“She was out there on the street pacing again, wearing the same black boots she wore in winter—only the outfit had changed. Today she was dressed for the heat, and as always the short skirt and crop top were jewel toned. The deep purple made her porcelain white skin opalescent, as the sun shone though the material creating a kaleidoscope of blues and pinks on her legs that suddenly pivoted and walked back towards the corner where she bent just enough to show off her bare ass as a car passed by.
I doubt I would have noticed her if it hadn’t been for that perfectly white skin we have in common, although mine settles in folds around my joints and below my waist, while hers stretches for miles on those long, long legs she keeps toned from the constant pacing. On the fringes of the garment district where I work prostitutes are like cockroaches—at least that’s what Josefina says, except she says it in Spanish, spitting out the words like they taste badly, “Aquí las prostitutas son como las cucarachas!” But this girl is no cockroach. She wears those jeweled toned outfits like a fashion model effortlessly parading down the concrete runway her shoulders back, eyes straight ahead, commanding and flirty, and yet never smiling. And that’s why I need her.”

4 thoughts on “A good start!

    • Thank you! I would love it if it were finished, but I still have a long way to go. I am enjoying the writing and I too can’t wait for the story to take me where it will. I might be the author but the story dictates its own direction.

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