Beginning Digital Photography Class

I have been taking photographs since I was eleven—not good photographs, but photographs of Campfire Girl’s Camp, my family, my many trips, special events, and what interested me—like cool shadows. But as I look back at the albums of photos taken before digital cameras and as I scroll through my photo files taken with the last three digital cameras I owned, there are few images that would interest anyone other than myself, and even I don’t find them that interesting. Therefore, I decided it was time to learn how to use the camera and signed up for a beginning digital photography class.  Continue reading

Lady Liberty’s Cause of Death

Now that the scaffolding is complete, an impartial panel of coroners in Paris, where la statue de la Liberté was sculpted, will conduct an autopsy to determine Lady Liberty’s cause of death. While crews dismantle her body, an investigative team of international lawmakers will continue their inquiries in the United States where she was fatally killed. Although the exact cause of death is unknown, authorities noted where Emma Lazarus’s famous 1883 sonnet “The New Colossus” had once been there was now black, putrid Gangrene obliterating the words, “Give me your tired, your poor,/ Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Therefore, the investigation will begin with the Trump administration’s immigration policies and the USA PATRIOT Act. However, authorities have not ruled out other known suspects: the recent un-blockable text sent to every US citizen with a mobile phone; and Facebook’s business model, also known as “surveillance capitalism.” It is rumored that Oliver Stone, the legendary Hollywood filmmaker, has begun work on a controversial docudrama exposing Lady Liberty as a false symbol of hope and prosperity used by the US government to lure the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free from other countries into low-paying, back-breaking jobs. No one from the US government, Trump’s administration, or Facebook could be reached for comment.


I feel posed. Sixty-six years of living and I am a mannequin with no original thoughts. I blame my mother and her tribe of latex-girdle-wearing women who in the ‘60’s escaped the ERA movement, Women’s Liberation and NOW by hiding out in suburban kitchens with harvest gold appliances. Those women should have been hunted down and sterilized. Instead they reproduced versions of themselves who now wear Spanx’s and polish their stainless-steal appliances while working a full time job.

(Postcard from the Getty Museum: Garry Winogrand’s photograph, Los Angeles International Airport, 1964)

Culinary gem proves you can never depend on stereotypes!

Orange County does not have a reputation for culinary excellence, not like New York City or San Francisco; and there is some truth to those generally held opinions, as behind the “Orange Curtain” too many of the high end, four star rated restaurants are steak houses serving expensive slabs of beef on a plate with nothing else, unless you order an additional side dish that you could have made at home for a lot less. But not all high end, highly rated restaurants in the county fit into that narrow category.

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What face do you post on Facebook?

Recently my granddaughter mused that her college friends, when consuming too much alcohol, often lamented their woes, going on and on about their less-than-idyllic childhood or other problems they do not normally discuss when sober. She attributed this to the fact that most people in her generation communicate through social media where they must put on a happy face; therefore they do not have an opportunity to talk about what troubles them. Whether her assessment was correct or not, is not central to this post. What intrigues me is what “face” people chose to reveal on social media. Continue reading


At first all he saw were shoes strewn on the street, an elaborate joke, someone playing with the word “cobbled”; but then he looked around noting the empty buildings with broken widow panes that had once been homes, and the dilapidated cyclone fencing now laying in the weeds where once there had been gardens and children playing, and he felt the weight of eminent domain and urban renewal, terms too often associated with “new” and “improved” and not “displacement.”